Pi Hackathon Winners | Pi Network Hackathon Winners 2021

Pi Hackathon Winners | Pi Network Hackathon Winners

Pi Hackathon Winners

Trailblazers, the key Pi Hackathon has shown up at a goal. Our goal with this event was to send off neighborhood tries and develop neighborhood of Pi applications and natural frameworks that will demonstrate use occasions of the Pi Blockchain. Because of all individuals, neighborhood, and arbiters for making this gigantic extension, the online appropriated hackathon a victory. While this Hackathon is by and by getting done, this is only the beginning of building a prosperous Pi climate.

The Core Team is as of now satisfied to announce the going with #buildPi2gether Hackathon results underneath. Congratulations to all victors and fair takes note!


  • Pi Workforce Pool (#1 business application)
  • Business focus to enroll gifted Pioneers or get utilized for work
  • PiCare (#1 natural framework application)
  • Bug reporting stage for Pi applications and climate applications
  • Pi Chain Mall (#2 business application)
  • Online business community for buyers and traders of various work and items
  • Universe of Pi Championships (#2 climate application)
  • Social match-three conundrum game to pursue prizes – non-benefit for the specialist.
  • Watugot (#3 business application)
  • Business place for neighboring associations to circulate their coupons and cutoff points

Great Mentions:

  • Pi Game Platform (business application)
  • Stage for planners to post and adjust their games
  • Pi Barter Mall (business application)
  • Web business Marketplace for buyers and vendors of various physical and virtual items
  • PitoGo Travelers Handy Platform (business application)
  • Make a trip stage to book plans including motels, flights, and vehicles.
  • Pi Webinars (strategy application)
  • Video stage to sell and buy particular substance
  • Pi Games from Latin America (climate application)
  • Different games including chess against an AI chess bot. All code is open-source.

Pi Hackathon Winner Prize List
first prize = US$20,000 + 20,000 Pi

second prize = US$15,000 + 15,000 Pi

third prize = US$10,000 + 10,000 Pi

Advantaged notice = US$1,000 each + 1,000 Pi

To accentuate, a business application has a strategy in Pi and secures Pi from trades inside the application. A natural framework application doesn’t secure Pi however rather adds to the Pi climate and appropriately may get additional assistance and course from the Core Team.

Collaborations To Receive Awards

Collaborations To Receive Awards

To get the resources for your distinctions, all people from the victorious gathering should pass our KYC consistency rules like AML and against unlawful terrorizing rules. We will engage all of you to run a KYC check to no end began in our application through an untouchable KYC course of action. The victorious gathering ought to relegate one record to get the prize and they have full risk on the most capable strategy to manage their vault. More ​​specifics on stating prizes will be conferred by the Core Team to the victorious gatherings before long.

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Victor Selection Process

The Core Team exclusively condemned Hackathon individuals, while furthermore thinking about a huge number of neighborhood and Moderators’ input while making our definitive decisions. To be equipped for Hackathon awards, the applications expected to 1) meet the major necessities recorded under and 2) show quality, utility, Pi Hackathon Winners, and potential.

Basic necessities:

  • Compromise of Pi SDK into your Pi Browser application
  • Application transparency without Sandbox dynamic
  • Client confirmation inside Pi Browser
  • No deals of extra contact information like email (Note: Core Team overviewed and turned down requests for specific exclusions)
  • Pi trade capacity with Pi rather than non-Pi blockchain assets or government issued currency
  • Additionally, to quantify quality, utility and potential, we pondered a wide plan of factors like the going with:
  • Handiness of the application to build the Pi economy

UI/UX plan

  • Execution of focus value
  • Commitment to Pi
  • Potential for Pioneer improvement
  • Potential for Pioneer responsibility
  • Potential for working with trades in Pi cryptographic cash

Incredibly, we expected to block several promising applications since they forgot to meet the models in both of two points above. To all Hackathon individuals, compassionately don’t lose heart if you didn’t win. More opportunities will be open before long. We will continue to offer assistance, bearing, Pi Hackathon Winners, and more architect tasks to help originators with winning in the Pi climate.

For the Business application grouping, we have picked 3 victors and 4 fair notification that met the above measures. As a result of less passages in the Ecosystem application order, not all victorious seats are filled. All unawarded resources in this hackathon, especially in the climate application class, will be used to help application bunches in future specialist programs before long. We really want all present and future gatherings to succeed, and we should help them too as could be anticipated.

How do I participate in Pi hackathon?

You can partake in the Hackathon through the Brainstorm application on the Pi home screen. On the off chance that members have any inquiries regarding the Pi Hackathon, if it’s not too much trouble, join the Pi Ecosystem Development Discord likewise through the Brainstorm application and offer inquiries you might have.

What is a PI hackathon?

Dish IIT Alumni Association across the world is running Hack of PI to recognize, support and grant advancements from across the globe. Developments driven by innovation across different spaces will be urged with admittance to guides, and financial backers for meriting competitors.

How does PI network mining work?

To mine Pi each of the one needs to do is introduce an application on their cell phone. The portable application interfaces with at least one hubs and checks assuming exchanges have been recorded on the record. It additionally gets the latest square number and hash esteem. … This implies that individuals who join the organization early get higher Pi mining rewards.

Can beginners join hackathons?

So we should kick those misguided judgments immediately indeed, there are a variety of sorts of hackathons out there, and keeping in mind that not all eventual appropriate for fledglings or children, there are as yet numerous occasions intended to get individuals of any age and experience levels amped up for coding.

Which is the world’s largest hackathon?

Named “the world’s biggest worldwide hackathon,” the NASA International Space Apps Challenge is a yearly occasion where groups all over the planet utilize NASA’s open information to foster imaginative answers for difficulties on Earth and in space.

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